Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to take attendance?

  1. For taking the attendance, it has to be enabled by branch. For configuration, select branch-> Click on edit-> Is attendance enabled checkbox should be ticked.
  2. Attendance can be taken subject wise or day wise. For this, branch needs to be configured.
  3. If Is attendance Once per day is enabled, attendance can be taken only for the whole day. To make it subject wise, don’t select the Is Attendance Once per day.
  4. Select Q-Engage-> Select Attendance-> Click on Take Attendance
  5. Select the branch. Select the date for which attendance is to be taken.
  6. Attendance can be taken by two ways: Standard/Division and Groups.
  7. Attendance for Standard Division Type:

    For this type, attendance can be taken either day-wise or subject wise.

    How to take day-wise attendance?

    1. Attendance can be added by excel template as well as through the screen. Click on Search button for taking the attendance through screen. Click on submit to save the attendance
    2. For taking the attendance through excel template, click on Download Attendance Template .

      Select the attendance from the drop-down for all the students and save the file.

      Click on Upload Attendance. Choose the file and click on upload to submit the attendance successfully

    How to Take Subject-Wise Attendance

    1. For subject wise attendance, disable the Is attendance enabled once per day flag at branch.
    2. Select the branch -> Select the attendance types as Standard & Division ->Select the standard & division-> Select the period for which you want to take attendance
    3. Attendance can be taken through UI screen as well as excel template. Follow the same process as explained above for taking the attendance.

    How to take group attendance

      Group attendance is used for marking the attendance of some groups say bus group, some event group, etc. Prerequisite is to create a group. To create a group follow the steps speicified in How to create Groups & Communities

      Steps for taking attendance:

    1. Select the branch-> select the date for taking the attendance
    2. Select the Attendance Type as Group & Communities
    3. Select the group for which attendance is to be marked.
    4. Follow the same process as explained above for taking the attendance through screen or excel template..