Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to add a timetable?

    To add a timetable, certain sanity checks need to be taken care of:

  1. Standard and division has been added.
  2. Subjects has been added and mapped to the standard.
  3. Teacher has been added and mapped to standard and subjects.
  4. Working days has been added.
  5. To Add Timetable:

    1. Select Q-Connect-> Select timetable-> Select the branch-> Click on Add Timetable
    2. Select the standard and division.
    3. Start date and end date gets autopopulated according to the academic year.
    4. Start time will be the time of first period and end time will have time when the school is over. For example, if the school timings are 8am to 3pm, start time will be 08:00 AM and end time will be 03:00 PM.
    5. To add a timetable entry click on the cell below day 1.
    6. Fill the entry details. Select the subject, teacher, start time and end time. Click save to save the first entry

      Follow the same process to add other time table entries

    7. Fill the entry details-> click on save.
    8. The same can be added for the other periods. Click on save to save the timetable.