Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to create Display Template?

    1. From the user interface

    • Select Fees-> Select Display Template
    • Select the branch and click on “Add Display template”
    • Type the template name, description and tick the “Is Active” checkbox.
    • Display heads can also be added by Clicking on “Add New Display head” and type the name of the fees subhead and save.
    • After adding all the display heads, Enter the amount for each display head and click on “Save”.

    2. Creating Display Template Using Download and Upload Function

    • Click on the “Display Template” on the left
    • Select the branch and Click on Download Template.
    • Type the Name and Description of the Template.
    • Select the Display Heads from the Dropdowns, and Type the Amount against each Display head
    • Add the order of display for each head, according to the display of ramifications required on the Receipt
    • Save the File on the desktop and click on “Upload Display Template” on the UI
    • Select the file and Click on the “Upload” Tab