Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to add Blackout Fees?

  1. Blackout Fees Functionality- Blackout dates for fee are added when the fee payment needs to be blocked for a particular period of time.Blackout dates can be added through UI as well as Excel template if fees needs to be blocked for more than one month
  2. For adding the blackout through UI:

    If fee payment needs to be blocked for one time, it can be added through the UI screen

    Blackout start date is the date and time at which the fees blocking will start. Blackout end date and time is the date on which it will stop blocking the fees and the payment will start again

    Select the blackout start date and blackout end date-> Click on Save

    For adding the blackout dates through excel template

  3. Click on Download Blackout Fee Template
  4. Fees-Select the fee head on which blackout date needs to be applied

    Action-Add if you are adding it for the first time, update if you want to edit the already added dates

    Blackout start date and end date-Enter the date in the format yyyy-mm-dd h:m:s

    Frequency-Frequency can be set One time, All month and custom. If set for One time, fee payment will be blocked only for one time during the date specified. If set for All month, fee will be blocked automatically every month for the date and time specified. Select the custom frequency when the fees need to be blocked for specific months. When selected custom, month no column needs to be filled, which will have values 1,3,4 if fee payment to be blocked for Jan, March & April month. Fees Id and Blackout Fee Id need to be left blank by the user. The system generates the ID for them

  5. Click on Upload Blackout Fee Template
  6. Tick the checkbox for Reminder, if required, set the reminder start date, and tick the checkboxes for SMS, Email and Mobile Notification as per the requirements and set the frequency as ‘Daily’, ‘Weekly’ or ‘Monthly’ and Click on “Save”.