Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to generate payment link for users?

    Payment link can be generated for the registered as well as the unregistered users. Registered users are those whose data is already in the system.Unregistered users are those whose data is not present in the system. But the link can be shared with them through this module.

    For unregistered students:

  1. Select Q-Pay from the left menu options-> Select Collect Fee->Select the branch->Select user type as Unregistered
  2. Create payment Link: Click on Select Fee
  3. Select the fee for which link is to be generated. You can also search the fee head by using the search box.-> Click OK.
  4. Click Create to create the link
  5. It will show link created successfully
  6. Next step is to share the link. For this select the mode:Message or Email. If selected both, both the fields will be mandatory
  7. After selecting the mode, put the description which is a mandatory field
  8. Enter the email id and phone number of the user with whom link needs to be shared
  9. Email id and phone number can also be uploaded through excel template. Click on Download Template
  10. In excel template, enter the email id and phone number(if both mandatory) of the users, with whom link need to shared.
  11. Click on Upload and share. Choose the file and click on Upload.
  12. The link will be shared to the user. After clicking on the link, the user will select the fee to pay and fill his details.
  13. For Registered Students:

  14. Select user type as registered.
  15. Select the fees.
  16. Create the link as explained above.
  17. Select the mode and add description.
  18. Select the students with whom link has to be shared. Link can also be generated for the groups.
  19. After selecting the students, click share to send the link.