Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to configure Receipts?

    Receipts can be configured according to your requirement. This gives you the provision to decide what should be visible on fee receipt and what should not be.

  1. Select Q-Pay-> Select Configure Receipts
  2. Select the Branch
  3. Select the Receipt Type. Receipts can be configured based on the type. Online Admission Fees is selected when user makes the payment by submitting the online form. Collect Fees type is used when the user makes the payment through link.
  4. Flags can be enabled to show the logo and address on receipt. Alignment of logo can be set. Header record displays the text on the top of the receipt. Trailer record displays the text in the bottom
  5. Select the value from the Select From drop down. If selected the branch, you can select the fields from the branch that should be visible on the receipt.Click On Add
  6. You can also configure the alignment of fields by moving them up/down
  7. Fields that should not be visible on the receipt can be removed by clicking the review button.
  8. After making all the changes, click on Save button to save the configuration.