Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to generate certificates?

    Create customized certificates for the students/staff/resident, etc

    *Functionality is same as performance report*

    Steps for generating the certificates are as follows:

  1. Click on Q-Engage-> Click on Certificate Generator
  2. Select the branch, standard and division.
  3. Certificate template needs some formatting before uploading.
  4. Variable fields need to be in the format ${variablefieldlabel} as shown below. There should be no space in the variable field name to be captured
  5. Click on Add Template
  6. Select the template of the certificate and click on save. It supports only docx templates.
  7. Once the template is uploaded, it will start generating the excel template for uploading the data. It will take few seconds to generate the excel template. Click on Show Templates to view the status.
  8. After few seconds, status shows “Template is ready to use” which means excel file can be downloaded.
  9. Actions button are used for the following functions:

    1. First button is used for downloading the docx template.
    2. Second button is used for downloading excel template.
    3. Third button is used for uploading excel file.
    4. Fourth button is used for editing the template
    5. Fifth button is used for checking the status of certificate generations.
    6. Sixth button is to delete the template
  10. Click on download excel button. Excel file contains all the variable fields specified in the docx template
  11. Fill all the details. Registration number or email, either of the column should contain the data, only then the student can view the certificate on parent/student portal and mobile app.
  12. Click on Upload excel.
  13. Choose the file to upload. In text box, you can provide the description.
  14. Once the excel file is uploading, report generation process will start. It might take some time depending on the number of records processed.
  15. Certificate generation status can be checked by clicking on the search button.
  16. Keep refreshing the screen in few seconds interval.
  17. When the status shows ‘Completed’, reports are available for download. Click on download reports. Zip file will be downloaded./li>
  18. Certificates in zip file can be identified by the registration number. For example, 3850_DEMO999 where 3850 is the branch id and DEMO999 is the student registration number.
  19. Certificate generated will be appear like: Variable fields are replaced by data provided in excel.