Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to configure UI Labels?

    This modules allows to customize the label across the system. It allows to customize the Instiute, Branch, Fees and Student labels so that you can change the nomenclature according to your requirement.

  1. Select Profile-> Select General->Click on Configure UI Labels-> Select Branch
  2. Default labels list appear on the left side. To configure the custom label, type the custom label name in text box and click on save and continue. For example, if you want to show Institute as University across system, then type custom label as University and save. The same can be done for other fields
  3. Branch labels can also be customized. Show flag will make the labels visible in the report. Mandatory flag makes the fields mandatory while adding or editing the branch
  4. If you want to add some custom field at branch level, type it in the Custom Fields. It allows to add three custom fields for branch. Click on blue button to configure the label.
  5. Fee Rule allows to add filter which helps in multi-level fee configuration. For example, if fees is based on say hostel type, you can type Hostel Type as filter 1. User can select the filter while paying fees through pay direct and accordingly fees will be mapped.
  6. While configuring the custom field, user can select the type from Field type. Values can be added through screen as well as excel template. If the field is dependent on some other fields, dependency can be set by enabling the Is dependent flag.
  7. Click on Save.
  8. Configurations can be done in the same way for Fees & Students