Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to create a group?

    Create special interest groups for sub-committees, task forces, etc using the groups & communities module.

  1. Select Q-Connect from the left side-> Click on Groups & Communities
  2. Select the branch -> Click on Add Groups & Communities
  3. Select the Group user type as Student if group needs to be created for student, Parent if group needs to be created for parents, Staff if group needs to be created for staff member, Alumni if group needs to be created for alumni members.
  4. Add a group name. It should not inlcude any special character.
  5. If attendance is to be enabled for the group, select the attendance checkbox.
  6. Students can be added to the group by two ways: Add a single individual or a group of individuals.
    1. To add each student individually, select Add Individual-> Select the students to be added into the group -> Click Add
    2. To add all the students standard wise, select the Standard and Division and click add.
  7. Keep the status as Active and click save.
  8. After you make the changes, click on Save button