Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to create a new branch?

    An institutes can have many branches which can be created easily through the Branch Menu. To create a new branch, follow the below steps:
  1. Select Profile-> Branch-> Click on Add branch
  2. Fill all the mandatory fields which includes Branch Name, Address, State, City, Pin code, Contact number, Email. Additional information like principal name and other details can also be added.
  3. Many other configurations can be done at branch level, which includes the following:
    1. Enable Offline Payments-To allow the users to make offline payments, this flag needs to be enabled.
    2. Is Q-Connect Enabled for Branch-To provide the access of Q-connect modules, this flag needs to be enabled.
    3. Pay Direct Enabled-This features allow the users to make the payment without logging in. To enable the pay direct for any institute, this flag needs to be enabled.
    4. Enable Pay Direct Student Registration-To allow the users to register themselves on pay direct, this flag needs to be enabled
    5. Allow Payment without Registration-To allow the user to make payment even without registering himself, this flag needs to be enabled. Here, user has to enter few details like name and contact number and can he can directly proceed for the payment.
    6. Unique Identifier-This field becomes mandatory when pay direct flag is enabled. Unique Identifier can be registration number, email, phone number or username. User can just access the pay direct for paying fees though their unique identifier. Only one unique identifier can be assigned
    7. Unique Identifier Label-This field allows to give custom label for the unique identifier selected. For example, if unique identifier is Registration number, then the label could be Registration number or Enrollment number or any other label which the institutes want to show
    8. Is OTP enabled for branch-To allow the students login through OTP, this flag needs to be enabled. Every time when the user will login, it will ask for OTP which is received on their registered contact information
    9. Logo- Select the image/logo of the branch
    10. Show Logo on Parent Portal- Enable the flag if logo needs to be shown on parent portal.
    11. Is Attendance Enabled- To use the Attendance module, this flag needs too be enabled.
    12. Allow Unique Receipt Number- Receipt number can be configured at branch level by enabling this flag. It ask for fixed value and variable value. Fixed value will remain constant appended with the variable value. For eg, if fixed value is RECEIPT and variable value is 1, receipt no generated will be RECEIPT1, RECEIPT2 and so on
    13. Select consumer fields for security- This allows to set the security question to enable the functionality of retrieving the User ID for the student or resident on student/resident portal or mobile app. For example, if Registration code is selected, it will ask the user to enter his registration code for retrieving the User ID.
    14. Select Parent Fields for security- This allows to set the security question for parents to retrieve their User ID.